“Kool-Aid, school, coffins, beatings”

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August 2007

"This is a classic …"

“Quirky reads don’t get much more out-there than this. Driving with Dead People plumbs the depths of morbid humor as we meet Monica’s dysfunctional family. With a violent father who has an obsession with photographing car wrecks, Monica was destined to have morbid leanings. Like her father, her obsession is death, beginning at an early age when she bluffs her way into the funeral of a girl whose violent end she’s read about in the paper. She becomes firm friends with Julie Kilner, whose father is the local mortician, and together they explore the casket showroom and lie in the coffins. This is a classic – and the honest, eloquent storytelling is a tribute to Holloway’s resilience.”

Driving with Dead People by Monica Holloway (Simon & Schuster) Review by Shauna Bartlett Glamour Magazine


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“Memoir, at its best, opens my heart and gives me a view into the core perfection of another. Monica does this in the most essential way, going directly to perfect storytelling laced with irony and humor. She held my heart with her raw, unapologetic honesty, and she flawlessly rendered what it is like to be a child who sees everything, endures it, and still loves with her whole being.”
     Jennifer Lauck, New York Times bestselling author of Blackbird and Still Waters

“A meticulously reported account of one girl’s journey through a violent and unpredictable childhood. Holloway’s strong voice and remarkable sense of humor, in spite of the horror in her past, make this an unforgettable read.”
     Hope Edelman, New York Times bestselling author of The Possibility of Everything and Motherless Daughters

“Driving with Dead People is a heartbreaking, hilarious, and page-turning read. In the space of one sentence Monica Holloway can break your heart and make you laugh out loud at the same time. Her memoir has the momentum of a good mystery novel—the kind you stay up all night reading to find out what happens to the heroine, because you love her so much. This is a stunning debut of a writer who deals with difficult material and makes it fresh and moving.”
     Barbara Abercrombie, author of Writing Out the Storm and CHERISHED: 21 Writers on Animals They Have Loved & Lost

“Joining searing childhood memoirs such as The Glass Castle and Running with Scissors comes the impressive Driving with Dead People, a fascinating, gritty, hilarious read for everyone who realized as a child—as Monica Holloway did—that ‘we were the weird ones.’ Holloway narrates her sad, funny childhood with an exquisite blend of raw honesty, deadpan wit, and compassion for her family—and herself.”
     Leslie Morgan Steiner, New York Times bestselling author of Crazy Love and Mommy Wars